Hygiene room & changing places

Changing Places toilets are recommended in addition to the provision of accessible toilets and the familiar baby changing facilities.

These areas have more generous space standards as users may have complex needs, large wheelchairs and be accompanied by one or more carers.

They also need to allow for the additional equipment required which will include height adjustable wash basins and changing benches, a peninsula toilet pan and optional shower.

BS8300:2009 suggests these areas are provided in all new major buildings to which multiple visitors are envisaged.  Examples are:

  • Major transport termini or interchanges, e.g. large railway stations and airports
  • Motorway services
  • Sport and leisure facilities, including large hotels
  • Cultural centres, such as museums, concert halls and art galleries
  • Stadia and large auditoria
  • Shopping centres and shopmobility centres
  • Key buildings within town centres, e.g. town halls, civic centres and main public libraries
  • Educational establishments, schools, colleges, universities, & museums
  • Health facilities, such as hospitals, health centres and community practices


Scanflex® are able to offer Changing Places packs to suit all budgets

More specialised products such a shower and adjustable height toilets can be included to tailor the arrangement to specific users



Hygiene Rooms are suggested in school building guidelines (Building Bulletin 102) to address the needs of disabled students in both specialist and mainstream schools.

Providing such facilities ensures full integration for students. Scanflex® offer a range of accessible and adjustable solutions for these areas as well as other rooms such as Food Technology, Science & IT.

Key Features:

  • Wash basins can be manually or electrically operated
  • Grab rails, lift up supports and shower seats complete the all inclusive design
  • Survey, accredited installation and service/maintenance contracts are available throughout the UK