Adjustable Height Baths

When assistance is required once in the bath tub the EB-5 range provides a safe & comfortable working level for carers & nursing staff.

Transfer takes place at standard height and then the electrically powered bath rises to up to 95cm.

This range can also be used with overhead hoists and mobile patient lifters (the space below the bath frame allows mobile hoist legs to pass underneath).

The bath is available in three sizes;

160 x 70cm, 170 x 75cm & 180 x 80cm.

In most cases existing static baths can simply be replaced – especially using the 160cm version.

The bath is supplied complete with a thermostatically controlled taps and flexible feed/waste kit.

Accessories include:

  • Folding shower stretcher
  • Collapsible guard rail (padded if required)
  • Support for hand shower
  • Castors