Diagonal Electric Wall Frames

Better Ways to Better Days

Diagonal electric wall frames enable wall cupboards to be fixed at a conventional height and then brought down and towards the user, stopping conveniently at the front edge of the worktop.

This feature is particularly useful if there is limited space in the kitchen and storage needs to be provided over a standard type base unit or a built under appliance such as a washer or fridge.

Wall cupboards are adjusted in height by 43cm and also moved forward by 18cm.

Widths from 40-180cm can be accommodated and standard wall units with a height of 70-92cm can be used.

As with all Scanflex electrically operated kitchen frames optional safety devices are recommended. For diagonal frames a safety plate can even include light fitments if required.  These plates prevent accidental crushing of objects placed on the worktop.


Diagonal Frames are ideal for:

  • Social Housing with accessible kitchens for wheelchair users
  • Adaptations combined with rise & fall worktops
  • Student Accommodation in a fully inclusive kitchen
  • Rehab Centres with flexible solutions for disabled people
  • Food Technology with accessibility for a range of users