Flexible Kitchen Systems


Flexibility is the key to creating the optimum working environment and this is particularly true of the kitchen area. Flexible kitchen systems allow worktops, wall units, sinks & appliances to be instantly adjusted in height at the touch of a button or by simple winding handle.

By incorporating this flexibility the designer ensures that there is full integration between users with different working levels as well as providing complete and safe access for those with limited mobility.

Flexible kitchen systems are ideal for:

  • Wheelchair Kitchens
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Student Accommodation
  • ADL/Training
  • Rehabilitation
  • Family Scenarios


Flexible kitchen systems are best combined with an ergonomically correct furniture range such as System Flex® which has been designed to meet the needs of disabled users but they can also be incorporated in most contract type kitchens.

  • Flexi Worktop Frames

    The system raises and lowers worktops by 30cm simply by pushing a control switch or by simple winding handle.

    Worktops from 60 to 300cm can be accommodated. L’ shaped corner worktops can also be adjusted.

    Leg covers or concealment panels can be used to totally hide the frame.

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  • FlexiPlus Worktop Frames

    An improved version of the FlexiElectric range.

    Fewer components, quieter adjustment and option to connect via Bluetooth to mobile phone app.

    Linear and corner frame options.

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  • Diagonal Electric Wall Frames

    Electrical adjustment of wall cupboards from 40 to 180cm wide.

    Adjusts 43cm downwards & 18cm forwards (to edge of worktop).

    Safety stop available to prevent crushing.

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  • Verti Electric Wall Frames

    This system raises & lowers wall cupboards vertically within a range of 30cm.

    Frame is completely hidden when cupboard is adjusted.

    Widths from 40 to 180cm can be accommodated.

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  • Verti Inside Electric Wall Frames

    Convert existing units to enable shelves to be lowered by up to 49.5 cm.

    Easy bush button electric height adjustment.

    Completely hidden so that kitchen retains it’s appearance.

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  • 4 Single Table Frames

    Manually or electrically operated table frame with 2 height ranges; 55 to 85cm & 65 to 95cm.

    Brake wheel & battery backup options.

    Lengths up to 300cm & widths up to 200cm.

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