Mobil Flex

Giving a Lift to Everyday Life

Company Profile

Mobil Flex® is more of a concept than one individual company. The Mobil Flex® brand brings together innovative products and ideas from a number of sources throughout Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

This collaboration allows small manufacturers to have access to the best product designers and developers and enables them to benefit from access to international markets which they previously were unable to participate in.

The result for those providing accommodation for the less able in the U.K. is that they are able to specify high quality, ergonomically correct products without absorbing the high overheads of the larger manufacturers.

Mobil Flex® products include height adjustable kitchen, bathroom and rehabilitation furniture that is supplied extensively to social housing projects and large scale student accommodation as well as bespoke solutions for high profile rehabilitation schemes & specialist centres.

For details of Mobil Flex rise & fall worktop frames click here.

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