Lift Up Arms and Supports

Fold away supports are useful where there is no suitable side wall to place a traditional grab rail. They also facilitate easy access and transfer to areas of the toilet and/or bathroom.

Scanflex® lift up arms and supports are ergonomically correct and designed to meet the changing needs of the user. Comfort and safety is a major consideration. Some supports are height adjustable; others move horizontally. To provide complete flexibility some incorporates both these features. Each is complementary to the other products in our flexible bathroom range.

  • Aqualine

    A range of straight and curved rails that can be supplied with or without wall & floor supports.

    Optional wall fitting converts rails to height adjustable model.

    Toilet roll holder option.

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  • Value

    Functional and hygienic.

    Wall and floor support options.

    Height adjustable version available.

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  • Plus

    Ergonomic range of supports that can be adjusted on a daily basis without the need for tools.

    Fixed, height adjustable and horizontal movement available.

    Sleek design ensures easy cleaning. Range of colour options.

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  • Plus Colour Options

    Plus items are available in a range of subtle and striking colours to suit the mood of the bathroom.

    Visual identification and colour contrast is of particular assistance to confused or visually impaired users.

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