Shower Trolleys & Therapy Tables

Adjustable height nursing and showering trolleys minimise the need for manual lifting and enable compliance with Moving & Handling Regulations. Mobile trolleys are useful where a wall fixed stretcher/bed cannot be accommodated or if transfer from the dry to wet area is required.

Scanflex® provides options for both wet & dry nursing with both manual and powered versions available.

  • Shower Trolley

    Hydraulic or electric height adjustment.

    Lifting capacity up to 190kg.

    Drop down cot sides, padded sides & headrest.

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  • Therapy Hygiene Tables

    Hydraulic and electric options

    Low transfer height

    Wider widths available

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  • Mobilio Shower Bed/Trolley

    Electric height adjustment with battery operated option

    Hygienic comfortable soft feel lying surface

    Working load 200kg

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