System Flex

The kitchen that adapts to individual needs

Company Profile

The concept of System Flex® furniture was developed in Demark more than 40 years ago. Then a group of designers, end users, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals all agreed that conventional kitchen manufacture and design was simply not suitable for those with restricted mobility. After taking into consideration extensive anthropometrical data and testing the first System Flex® kitchen was produced in 1978 at Tarm, Western Jutland.

Since 1991 the range has been manufactured under licence in the U.K. retaining all of the essential ergonomic features and high specification of the original hook suspension kitchen. Over the years many manufacturers have attempted to produce their own version but all have failed to recognise the inherent benefits of System Flex® opting to market a contract type kitchen with basic adornments.

System Flex® kitchens are ideal for social housing, wheelchair environments, disabled adaptations, food technology and student accommodation.

System Flex® height adjustable wheelchair kitchen.