Verti Electric Wall Frames

Better Ways to Better Days

Verti electric wall frames raise & lower wall cupboards vertically by up to 30cm.  Units are operated simply by pressing a button which is usually located in the fascia or down stand fitted below the worktop.

The framework remains completely hidden whilst the wall cupboard is moving.

Widths from 40-180cm can be accommodated and standard wall units with a height of 70-90cm can be used.

As with all Scanflex electrically operated kitchen frames optional safety devices are recommended. For Verti frames a safety plate can even include light fitments if required.  These plates prevent accidental crushing of objects placed on the worktop.

 Verti Electric Frames are ideal for:

  • Social Housing with accessible kitchens for wheelchair users
  • Adaptations combined with rise & fall worktops
  • Student Accommodation in a fully inclusive kitchen
  • Rehab Centres with flexible solutions for disabled people
  • Food Technology with accessibility for a range of users